Not All Pallet Wrap is Fair Dinkum: Choosing the Right Stretch Wrap for Your Needs

Aussie businesses know the importance of a good barbie – and when it comes to shipping; strong, reliable pallet wrap is just as essential. But just like there's a snag for every taste, there's a kind of pallet wrap for every application.

Choosing the wrong one can leave your pallets looking like a Sheila's blouse on a clothesline in a gale – loose, flapping, and offering zero protection. Here's our  lowdown on selecting the perfect stretch wrap for your needs.

The Stretch Wrap Showdown: Key Considerations

When it comes to choosing your pallet wrapping champion, consider these key factors:

  • Product Protection Prowess: What are you wrapping? For lightweight boxes, a standard cast film might suffice. But for hefty items or those susceptible to punctures, a high-strength blown film is your best bet.
  • Load Lockdown: Is your pallet a Jenga tower waiting to topple, or are your items neatly stacked? Uneven or unstable pallets benefit from a wrap with superior cling and tear resistance.
  • Climate Considerations: Is your shipment facing scorching outback heat or bone-chilling Tassie winds? Different wraps offer varying UV resistance and temperature tolerance to keep your products safe in any weather.
  • Budget Blowout: Cost is always a concern. Striking the balance between affordability and performance is key. Luckily, there's a range of stretch wrap options to suit most budgets.

The Wrap Up: Different Types of Stretch Wrap

Now that you know the key considerations, let's explore some common types of stretch wrap:

  • Cast Stretch Wrap: The all-rounder, offering good balance between strength and affordability. Ideal for everyday applications with stable pallets.
  • Blown Stretch Wrap: The heavyweight champion! This super strong wrap boasts superior puncture resistance and is perfect for heavy or irregular-shaped loads.
  • Pre-Stretched Wrap: Like a pre-cut snag, this wrap saves you time. Pre-stretched during manufacturing, it requires less effort to apply while offering good load stability.

Emmoco: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Pallet Wrap

At Emmoco, we stock a wide range of high-quality pallet wraps to suit any application. From cast film to blown strength, we'll help you find the perfect wrap to keep your products secure and your shipments arriving like a champion snag – perfectly formed and ready to impress.

Contact Emmoco today and our friendly team will advise you on the best stretch wrap for your needs. We'll ensure your pallets are wrapped right the first time, every time.

Emmoco – We secure your products and your peace of mind.