2000K Pallet Wrapper
2000K Pallet Wrapper
2000K Pallet Wrapper
2000K Pallet Wrapper

2000K Pallet Wrapper

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  • Automatic film cutter
  • User-friendly control panel
  • High-speed operation: up to 18rpm
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Electric brake lock motor
  • 1.5kw heavy duty brake motor to lock turntable in position while loading and unloading
  • 3,000kg capacity heavy duty turntable
  • Powered pre-stretch: stretches 1m of wrap up to 3.3m
  • Safe and easy-to-load power stretch head
  • Electronic eye sensor
  • Same stop/start position for turntable
  • Soft start and stop for turntable
  • Mitsubishi (Japanese) inverters for turntable and film carriage
  • Variable carriage & turntable speed
  • Forklift transportable
  • Available with extended mast and/or base


  • Wrapping height: 2.2m (higher options available)
  • Turntable diameter: 1.65m (other sizes available)
  • Turntable height: 80mm
  • Base can be extended to wrap 1.2 x 2.4m pallets
  • Pallet weight limit: 3,000kg
  • Film diameter limit: 350mm
  • Film core limit: 76mm
  • Film width limit: 500mm
  • Film thickness: 12-35um
  • Turntable speed: up to 18rpm
  • 1.5Kw brake motor (three phase)
  • Power supply: single phase / 240v / 50Hz / 10 amps

Please contact our sales team on sales@emmoco.com.au or 03 8376 8088 for further information.


Welcome to the future of efficient packaging! The Automatic Film Wrap Machine with Cutter. The 2000K from Emmoco is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline your packaging operations, enhance productivity, and give your business a competitive edge.

Say goodbye to slow hand wrapping processes and embrace the power of automation with this advanced pallet wrap machine. Whether you are a small warehouse business or a national enterprise, the 2000K is the ideal choice to meet your packaging needs and boost your bottom line.

Fully Automated Packaging

The 2000K eliminates the need for manual film wrapping by offering a fully automated process. This machine is equipped with intelligent sensors and precision controls, ensuring that your products are wrapped with consistency and accuracy. With its user-friendly interface, even your novice operators can effortlessly manage the packaging process, saving time and reducing human errors.

Built-in Cutter for Efficiency

No more searching for scissors or using additional tools for cutting the film! The 2000K comes with a built-in cutter that precisely trims the film at the end of each wrapping cycle. This feature not only enhances the overall packaging efficiency but also ensures a neat and professional appearance of the wrapped products.

Versatile Wrapping Options

The 2000K offers various wrapping options to cater to different packaging requirements. Whether you need to wrap a small load of individual items, group multiple products, or secure pallet loads, this packaging machine can handle it all. Adjust the wrapping settings easily to achieve the desired tension and wrapping style for your specific products.

High-Speed Performance

Boost your packaging throughput with the 2000K's high-speed performance. This machine can wrap a significant number of products per minute, significantly reducing packaging time and increasing overall productivity. Keep up with demanding production schedules and meet tight deadlines effortlessly.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Invest with confidence in a machine built to last. The 2000K boasts a robust and durable construction, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods of heavy usage. Its reliability guarantees minimal downtime, saving you maintenance costs and contributing to your business's long-term success.

Compact Design for Space Efficiency

Space is valuable in any workspace, and the 2000K understands that. Its compact design allows you to optimise your floor space while still enjoying the benefits of a high-performance packaging solution. Maximise your production area and improve workflow efficiency with this space-saving film wrap machine.

Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Emmoco prioritises safety, and the 2000K is no exception. Equipped with advanced safety features, such as emergency stop buttons and protective barriers, this machine ensures the well-being of your operators and reduces the risk of accidents during operation.

Please contact our sales team on sales@emmoco.com.au or 03 9450 9500 for further information.