500mm x 300m x 14um Hand Wrap

500mm x 300m x 14um Hand Wrap

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As industry leaders, we understand the crucial role that packaging plays in preserving the integrity of products while optimising operational efficiency. Look at the features of our 500mm x 300m x 14um Hand Wrap.

Superior Strength and Durability

Our 500mm x 300m x 14um Hand Wrap is engineered to provide unparalleled strength and durability. With a thickness of 14 microns, this hand wrap offers exceptional resistance to tears and punctures, safeguarding your valuable products throughout their journey.

Enhanced Cling Performance

One of the standout features of our hand wrap is its remarkable cling performance. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, our hand wrap adheres securely to surfaces without leaving residue or causing damage. This ensures that your packages stay firmly sealed, providing peace of mind during transportation.


At Emmoco, we understand the importance of cost-effective packaging solutions. Our 500mm x 300m x 14um Hand Wrap offers exceptional coverage, reducing the need for excessive layers and minimizing waste. This not only saves you money on packaging materials but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to packaging.

Versatility in Application

Our hand wrap's versatility is a key selling point. It can be effectively used in a wide range of industries, from logistics and distribution to industrial manufacturing. Whether you need to secure pallets, bundle products, or protect fragile items, our hand wrap is the versatile solution you can rely on.

Improved Ergonomics

Packaging efficiency is not just about the quality of the material but also about the user experience. Our hand wrap is designed with ergonomics in mind, making it easy to handle and apply. This results in reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity in your packaging operations.


In conclusion, our 500mm x 300m x 14um Hand Wrap stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in packaging solutions. With superior strength, enhanced cling performance, cost-efficiency, versatility, and improved ergonomics, it is the ideal choice for businesses seeking to improve their packaging standards.

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